About Intro Africa

ABOUT Intro Africa
Intro Africa has a mission to showcase Africa’s growing economies, taking the pulse on the new emerging Africa. We connect you visually to Africa today through business, travel and culture.

We showcase sustainable and positive development in Africa and share tools to do better business. We reveal new ideas, innovation, disruptions and solutions.

We are committed to quality storytelling and hosting high-quality films, photos and editorials, produced by Thought Leader Global Media and our collaborators, reflecting our editorial philosophy.

We create narratives around a wide range of topics including sustainable development and business, startups and innovation, the future of energy and resources, destinations, wildlife and culture.

The space is packed with insights from business leaders, investors, pioneers and disruptors, sharing tools for doing better business and revealing opportunities to connect the dots.

3 years and a number of trips to the African continent producing stories in collaboration with our trusted partners NABA and Turkish Airlines, inspired Thought Leader Global to launch our dynamic space Intro Africa.

Thank you to the dedicated creatives who have made this space possible. Logo: Tommy Løland, Visual Identity: Erik Ferrier, UX-design: Normark IO, Programming: Odd Einar Betten, Motion design: Susann Faye-Lund. Thank you for valuable input to Mark Eddo

Intro Africa: connecting the dots through visually exploring Africa