What do you get when you cross Jollof rice with Scottish egg?

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Free range and fresh in Zaina’s kitchen

Sustainability is core to the Zaina brand and that ethos extends to its culinary offerings. Chef Jove Ansah, Executive Chef at Zaina Lodge displays a clear passion and love for his work and embraces these values in the dishes he literally ‘dreams up.’

We have a Nomadic farm not too far away from here that we get freshly squeezed milk directly from the cows to process for yoghurts for the breakfast service.

Chef Jove Ansah
Executive Chef 
Zaina Lodge

His ingredients are fresh and locally sourced from local markets and passing Nomadic farmers and you can savour a meal at Zaina Lodge knowing that the contents are pretty much free range and organic.

Zaina Lodge, Ghana, Photo: Thought Leader Global Media
Zaina Lodge, Ghana, Photo: Thought Leader Global Media

Inspired by his mother’s traditional Ghanaian dishes while growing up, his vision is to infuse popular local fare with a global twist, so it’s no surprise that the popular Ghanain dish Jollof rice receives an accompaniment of Scottish egg in Chef Jove’s kitchen.

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