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Young Kenya, the face of tomorrow’, is a six part series meeting tomorrow’s young leaders.  We travelled through Kenya to meet young Kenyans and find out what they care most about, what their hopes and dreams are for the future.

Lawrence Baraka is a young creative who taught himself to sew with youtube videos, Racheal believes in the power of communication and wants to become a voice from the rural communities, Danson is working at becoming a Kenyan computer wizard, Sarah travelled far North to be inspired by sustainability, Somalian student Abdikader is determined to be a doctor, and 16 year old Michelle has a clear vision for her future.

In this episode, we explore their thoughts on The Future.

Social Media in a village in Kenya, Photo: Thought Leader Global Media
Social Media in a village in Kenya, Photo: Thought Leader Global Media

My will is to be a doctor

Abdikader Abukadar, 24 
Somalian refugee 
Kakuma Refugee Camp, Kenya

I’m planning to go back to school, study for the computer package and information. After completing the opportunity for a job is very high, I’ll start working.  So in the next five years coming I’ll be maybe the first computer wizard in Kenya. I want to have myself as the first so that the other generation will have an example to follow.

Danson Nkoitoi, 20 
computer student 
Maasai Mara, Kenya

Definitely I see myself starting a small business because that has been a passion of mine and since I’m younger than eighteen the passion just keeps on piling up so when I’m past that age I’m just going to start a business definitely.

Michelle Mukabana, 16 
Student, Crawford school
Tatu City, Kenya

I really, really look forward to finishing my Masters which I hope to be done by 2020 but then I’m also looking at advancing my career and being able to then specialise even more, be a key decision-maker you know, be a part of a team that will make decisions that will save the world, save humanity, bring change.

Sarah Wangui Muiruri, 24  
Kenyan exchange Student in 
Ås, Norway

The philosophy that I have for this life is that for you to make it you have to have faith, focus, confidence and determination. When you have that then all things will work your way, that’s it.

Lawrence Baraka, 24 
bag designer from ‘Machero’ 
Mombasa, Kenya

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