Daby Touré, Amonafi

Daby Toure Intro Africa

Son of the African desert and child of a Parisian musical upbringing

Singer, songwriter, multi- linguist and multi- instrumentalist, the strands of Daby Toure’s cultural identity is reflected in his musical tapestry. 

Influenced by the African sand, soil and sounds of the land of his birth, desert- covered Mauritania, growing up in Senegal and living in Paris and Montreal, Daby’s musical landscapes  weave together these threads in the uniting force of music, the universal language.

My roots are so multiple, so when you mix them, it gives a lot of languages. I spoke those languages and I also spoke those languages with music.

Daby Touré
Daby Touré, Photo Credit: Nicolas Diop
Daby Touré, Photo Credit: Nicolas Diop

I had many collaborations and one of them was with Peter Gabriel, we spent a little bit of time together and it was just two artists exchanging about music.

Daby Touré

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