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Africa’s brightest star

Strategically situated, politically stable and with macroeconomic stability coming, Ghana has some very clear advantages for investors. With President Akufo-Addo and Norwegian Prime Minister Solberg both being co- chairs of the high level panel of advocates for the Sustainable Development Goals forming a basis for cooperation, Ghana has become a key partner for Norway both politically and commercially.

I think it’s important before you go into an environment to understand the people, their psyche, their pride- points, their culture before anything else.

Mr. Frank B. Adu Jnr
CALBank Limited, Ghana
Accra, Ghana by night, Photo: Thought Leader Global Media
Accra, Ghana by night, Photo: Thought Leader Global Media

The Ghanaian Government’s vision to embark on bold and innovative reforms to de- risk the environment creates a good climate for the private sector to drive development and consensus from the forum was that while there are challenges, in the long run the future looks bright for Ghana and for West Africa. Important for the region and equally so for the rest of the world.

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