Going global in Ghana’s premier luxury boutique hotel

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Exploring African icons

Villa Monticello, a solely Ghanaian-owned premiere boutique hotel in Accra is founded by women and largely women- run.

We are looking to be not just a standard in Accra, not just a standard in Ghana, not just standard in West Africa, we are competing on a global scale.

Tapfuma Shinya
Former GM
Villa Monticello Boutique Hotel
Accra, GHANA

Its unique appeal lies in its fine attention to detail and each of it’s 16 individually- decorated suites named after African icons like Ghana’s first Prime Minister and President Kwami Nkrumah and Nelson Mandela reflect this ethos.

Villa Monticello Suite, Ghana, Photo: Thought Leader Global Media
Villa Monticello Suite, Ghana, Photo: Thought Leader Global Media

Add friendly and professional staff well-versed in catering to the on the go needs of business travellers and a fine dining in-house restaurant, Chapter One, where locally grown ingredients find their way from the rooftop garden into the culinary conversion pieces created Michelin- trained Chef Ruby and her team, and you have a winning combination. It doesn’t hurt either that Villa Monticello is located close to the airport in a leafy suburb in Accra’s commercial centre.

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